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Landscapes Multiscene

The Landscapes Multiscene is an assortment of our updated, fully landscaped scenes! (no house) - Hundreds of PG/Adult Animations -  Singles and couples dances from HUMANOID and others worth 250.000 L$ value (over 1000 US Dollars!) included - Security Included - Wall Media Radio included - Sky Texture Changer included

(24 Scenes so far  - Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring, Tropical Dream, Desert Oasis, Blue River, Blue River Snow, Country Ranch, Ruins, Flower Valley, Lost Island, Forest, Snow Forest, Mountain, Snow Mountain, Empty Lot, Default, Three Falls, *4S - Winter, *4S Spring, *4S Summer, The Island(NEW!))

  980 L/week -    975 available prims -  65.536 sqm
1480 L/week -  1555 available prims - 65.536 sqm
1980 L/week -  2210 available prims - 65.536 sqm

To check  out the Demos, click on any of these links to Teleport in Second Life

To RENT a Landscapes Multiscene, teleport to one of these available rentals:

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