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The 240 Multiscene

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The 240 Multiscene is a 1/4 sim skylot with plenty of scenes you can choose from. Smaller in size but still the best quality of decor found in Second Life.  It's a nice mix of furnished/unfurnished skyboxes and  houses and a few empty landscaped (no house) scenes in case you want to use your own house.

         • 80+ Multiscene themes mostly with furnished houses worth over 5000 USD (and counting!)
         • FREE UPGRADES! meaning when we build more scenes, we will add them to your rezzer free of charge!
         • Singles and couples dances from HUMANOID and others worth 250.000 L$ value (over 1000 US Dollars!) included
         • Hundreds of Animations unique to each scene totalling Thousands of Animations!

240 L/week - 280 total prims - 140 prims available to use
480 L/week - 568 total prims - 450 prims available to use
730 L/week - 868 total prims - 780 prims available to use

To check out the Demos, click on any of these links to Teleport in Second Life

To RENT a 240 Multiscene, teleport to one of these available rentals:

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